Saturday, 13 December 2008

Foolish Jack

Ni fairytale yang gue pake buat lomba story telling dulu

Once upon a time in a village, there was a foolish boy named Jack.
Foolish Jack never stopped to think things out for himself. And sometimes, as you can well imagine,that led him into trouble.
One day his mother sent him out to work. He raked hay all day for the farmer and at the end of the day the farmer gave him a penny. Jack tied the penny in his hankerchief, but somewhere on the way home, he lost the handkerchief and the penny.
“You silly boy!” said his mom. “You should have put it in your pocket.”
Next day Jack went to work at the dairy. When evening came the dairyman gave him a jug of milk.
Jack didn’t want to lose the milk as he had lost the penny, so he put the jug in his pocket. He had to tip it on its side to get it in, and of course it spilt. What a mess it made.
“You silly boy!!” said his mom, when he got home. “You should have carried it on your head.”
The following day Jack helped the man who kept hens. He gave Jack six brown eggs to take home.
“I know exactly what to do to keep them safe,” said Jack. He ruffled his hair and balanced the eggs on his head as though he was a tree and his hair was a nest. It wasn’t a very good nest and eggs having no corners to stop them rolling, it wasn’t long before they rolled off Jack’s head and onto the ground.
“You silly boy!!!” said his mom, when he got home. “You should have carried them in your hands.”
Next day Jack was given a roly-poly piglet. If you have ever tried to carry a roly-poly piglet you will know that Jack didn’t get very far before the piglet had stuggled free and run away.
“You silly boy!!!!” said his mom again. “You should have led it home on a string.”

Jack was determined not to lose any more wages. When the butcher gave him a joint og meat for his labours he tied a string round THAT and led THAT home behind him. What the dogs and cats didn’t snatch was covered in dust.
“You silly boy!!!!!” said his mom, stamping her foot crossly. “You should have carried it on your shoulder.” She was so cross she sent him to bed without any supper.
And then Jack’s luck changed, though it didn’t seem like it to begin with.
Now it so happened that on the way home every day Jack had to pass the house of a rich man. The rich man had a beautiful daughter who had never laughed, and he promised that the first person to make her her laugh should marry her.
She had watched Jack go by the house every day. When she saw him trying to carry eggs on his head, her eyes had twinkled. When she saw hi trying to roly-poly piglet she had smiled, just a little. On the day he came past the house with a meat on string , she burst into merry peals of laughter.
And that was how Jack found a wife. She was as sensible as she was rich, and she though Jack how to think for himself, and so they lived happily ever after.

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